UPDATE: This initiative has ended. As per 1st September 2020 regular platform and payment gateway fees apply to all projects. You can read more about Incitement’s fees here.

COVID-19 NOTICE: In an effort to increase support for those affected by COVID-19, both Incitement’s platform fees & managed services fees have been waived for COVID-19 related relief projects. With this initiative we hope to support project creators and corporate donors who are supporting the front-liners and marginalised communities. 

Incitement Waives Fees For Platform Payments & Managed Services To Support COVID-19 Relief Initiatives

Incitement enables nonprofits and other for-purpose organisations to raise donations for humanitarian initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to further support both frontliners fighting the virus and marginalised communities most affected by movement restrictions, Incitement is waiving all its platform fees and fees for managed services for COVID-19 related relief initiatives.

“We want to ensure all of our community- and corporate partners can contribute to keeping our frontliners safe in their fight against the virus, and maintaining livelihood in marginalised communities during the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Zikry Kholil, Incitement’s Co-founder and Chief Communications Officer.

“With this initiative we hope to increase the percentage of donations that reach beneficiaries, such as hospitals, medical staff, B40, and refugees. We hope to start a positive trend amongst other Malaysian fundraising platforms, because 5-10% can make a big difference during these trying times,” Zikry continues.

Incitement’s digital platform is accessible to anyone and contains extenstive features to support brands, causes, and volunteers to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in creating and running humanitarian projects. Some of these features include:

  • Project-based fundraising (crowdfunding coming soon as well!)
  • Volunteer recruitment & management
  • Impact reporting
  • Project management & to-do’s
  • Community building
  • Managed services for Nonprofits
  • Etc.

In addition to waiving all fees, Incitement has already partnered with MDEC’s COVID-19 Campaign launch by Global Sadaqah to support specifically those who are battling the COVID-19 crisis in the front-lines, such as the doctors, nurses, aid workers, and those involved in the medical field having to face extremely dangerous and life threatening situations. To support this campaign go to MDEC’s Incitement Page or Global Sadaqah’s Incitement Page.