There a no jobs, no sectors, no countries that have avoided the crises that began in 2020: the CODID19 pandemic, followed by economic downturn.

Corporate Social Responsibility is no exception to this.

This past year has brought increasing focus to corporations on the need to define their overall value to society and also to enhance their contributions to stakeholders: customers, employees, and the surrounding communities.

In recent years, the link between corporate responsibility and long-term financial success is directly linked to how companies respond to both social and market shifts.

2020 dramatically change the speed of change. Expectations of stakeholder groups have risen and have become more demanding. Businesses have modified their strategies or developed new ones to meet their needs.

With healthcare and employment disparities, racial equity and justice, and access to education, hunger, and overall economic hardship all continuing to be at crisis, the unique partnerships between companies and their employees and communities is taking new forms as well.

Here are the trends and developments that you should be watching in 2021 in the area of CSR.