You can now raise donations for charity & earn rewards for every donation you refer. Start monetizing your audience & content by doing social and environmental good!

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Referral programs have been around since day and age, even before the internet even existed. What a referral or affiliate marketing program intends to achieve is to create new distribution points by establishing partnerships. Partners refer customers to another organisation, and in turn are rewarded with a referral fee for the sales they help generate.

Affiliate marketing is an incredibly cost-effective way to generate sales. Most importantly because the referral fee is usually a percentage of a successfully generated sale. This allows an advertiser to pay only for marketing efforts that convert into successful sales, making affiliate marketing programs an incredibly popular marketing strategy.

Incitement’s Partner Program is an affiliate platform for influencers and content creators that care about people, planet, and profit. It offers an opportunity to raise donations for charity projects, and earn 10% in referral fees for successfully raised donations, paid out quarterly.

Your Partner Program dashboard offers a wide range of tools to help affiliates promote charity projects, such as embed widgets, social sharing tools, reporting tools, and more!

Who is the Incitement Partner Program for?

Incitement’s affiliate platform is perfect for influencers and content creators that would like to engage with their audience in a meaningful way, through a social cause that creates real social impact on society and the environment.

This affiliate program for Malaysian charities is welcomed amongst charities as a new, inexpensive, and low-risk way to raise donations with tremendous enthusiasm and excitement. Charity projects often have little budget to advertise their cause, which makes raising donations a constant uphill battle. Charities voluntarily opt-in to this program and, by doing so, gladly agree to reward affiliates with a 10% referral fee for every successful donation he or she refers.

Incitement hopes to unite influencers, content creators, bloggers, students, volunteers, and any other type of affiliate marketer around the causes they love and rally their audiences to donate to the charities the care about most.

Incitement’s partner dashboard offers a wide range of tools to help affiliates promote charity projects, such as embed widgets, social sharing tools, reporting tools, and more!

How To Successfully Start Promoting The Charities You Love

Creating a post here and there is easy, but more than just that is necessary in order to get people to donate to the charity that you’re promoting. How do you establish the necessary emotional connection to get people to donate? To help you do this, we’ve listed some content posting guidelines that will help you in succesfully promoting your preferred charities.

  1. Create engaging content
    Still images showing your promoted charity won’t be as effective. We highly recommend to create an engaging video content/story/post about the charity and/or social project instead. Videos that have your voice behind the story is much more powerful than just a still image.
  2. Plan your content
    Craft a content posting schedule across your various channels (e.g. FB/TikTok/IG/YouTube) that would spread over a few days. Depending on how you know your audience, schedule a content post on specific days that would highlight the charity in a more engaging way. An example would be the following:Day 1: Video post about the social project (share the problem and why you are supporting it)
    Day 2: Video post that displays emotionally provoking image from the social project
    Day 3: Video Story Post 1 (emotional content describing the problem + CTA)
    Day 4: Video Story Post 2 (inspirational content describing the solution + CTA)
    Day 5: Video Story Post 3 (describe how the donations will be used for + CTA)
    Day 6: Video Post 2 (thank you for your support post)Keep in mind that this is just a guideline on crafting engaging content. Being a content creator yourself, we are confident you are able to come up with your own creative means, and we advise running the promotion by spreading it over a few days to capture more meaningful engagement with your audience. Should you need help in creating a video post about the social project you want to promote, the Incitement team will be happy to assist you with it. Just email our support team.
  3. Tag relevant people and/or entities
    In every video post, smartly tag your relevant friends/partners/entities who could help amplify the outreach and the awareness you are creating. Think about the right person/organsation you would like to tag (you can always tag the social project owner and Incitement as we will help promote as well). If you have raving fans/followers, they too can be of great help by helping you to promote the content for you.
  4. Go live
    You can create a live stream while at the social project’s location to share with your audience first hand. Live streaming is another powerful tool and having content like this is more engaging and powerful for the public to see how much you are supporting to promote this social project.
  5. Involve the charity that you’re promoting
    If you want to do your own homework, you are more than welcome to get in touch directly with the social project owner themselves. If you want to understand their project further apart from reading their briefs, having them involved with you directly with creating your own content video is always a huge plus. Should you choose to have this kind of arrangement, Incitement is more than happy to connect you with any of the interested social project’s that you’d like to promote.
  6. Review your performance
    From time to time during your promotion campaign, review your partner program dashboard insights. Reviewing the performance of your promotional efforts (provided the unique generated link is visible on each post) will give you an idea how well it has been performing throughout the campaign, how much you have raised, and at which rate your referred visitiors are converting. Reviewing this information will help you finetune your promotional efforts over time.