Batik Artistry For Change: Fashioning A Better Future

Join us for a captivating live stream event hosted by Incitement, as we present “Batik Artistry for Change” in celebration of World Humanitarian Day. In collaboration with Batik Boutique, an award-winning social enterprise in Malaysia, we invite you to witness the incredible impact of batik artistry on marginalised communities.

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Batik Boutique disrupts the cycle of poverty by empowering artisans from marginalised backgrounds to create fair fashion, home goods, and accessories using batik Malaysia—a traditional fabric woven with rich cultural heritage. Rural and urban batik artisans across Malaysia craft batik textiles on natural fibres, which are then transformed into beautifully designed products by skilled seamstresses at Batik Boutiqe training centres.

This live stream event on EmerceTV is a powerful showcase of the transformative power of batik artistry. It is an opportunity to learn about the inspiring stories behind each creation, witness the skill and creativity of the artisans, and understand how this sustainable model creates employment opportunities and sustainable incomes. By supporting Batik Boutique, you directly impact the lives of over 300 artisans and their families, fostering positive change within their communities.

ITMATTERS with Batik Boutique

Celebrate World Humanitarian Day With Batik Boutique

As the host of the renowned live show “#ITMATTERS,” Incitement brings together thought leaders and change-makers in the social and humanitarian space. We believe in the power of sustainable practices and social impact, and this event exemplifies our commitment to driving change.

During this exclusive interview, you will have the opportunity to hear from our distinguished guests:

  • Amy Blair: The founder of Batik Boutique. Amy’s passion for empowering women and creating sustainable livelihoods led her to start Batik Boutique, a remarkable organisation that combines traditional Malaysian art with social impact. She will share her journey and shed light on the transformative power of Batik Boutique.
  • Atilia Haron: An artist and fashion enthusiast who is a strong advocate for social and environmental causes.
  • Renuka Sena: a senior partner and impact investor at ScaleUp Malaysia, an accelerator that focuses on building meaningful businesses with a path to profitability, supporting Malaysian scaleups in their journey towards regional expansion.
  • Hosted by Incitement cofounder Zikry Kholil, our live show promises a thought-provoking discussion on the intersection of art, social entrepreneurship, and sustainable change.

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Mark your calendars for this special live stream event, “Batik Artistry for Change,” taking place on World Humanitarian Day. Join us on 9 August at 8:30PM as we delve into the captivating world of batik and its ability to transform lives. Together, let’s celebrate the incredible craftsmanship and support the cause of World Humanitarian Day.

Let’s make a difference through artistry and compassion. Be part of this inspiring journey with Batik Boutique and Incitement.

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