In celebration of Malaysia Day, step into a world of insight and inspiration with our latest #ITMATTERS episode, where we delve into the topic of “equity in education”.

Join our host Zikry Kholil as we embark on a captivating exploration together with Teach for Malaysia, a transformative charity on a mission to bring quality education to all of Malaysia’s children. We are joined by Taufiq Zarak, a Malaysian politician with a passion for education.

Together, we’re determined to illuminate the path toward equal access to quality education for all.

#ITMATTERS with Ken Ming, Director of Community Mobilisation at Teach For Malaysia

🌍 Journey into Equity:
Prepare for an eye-opening journey as our guests guide us through the hurdles and victories of their mission. With a keen focus on Teach for Malaysia’s invaluable efforts, we navigate the landscape of challenges that hinder equal educational opportunities.

🔍 Innovative Strategies at Play:
Tune in to uncover ingenious strategies that are reshaping the education sector. Through the lens of Teach for Malaysia, we’ll explore dynamic approaches that bring quality education to the forefront, even in the face of adversity.

💔 Impact Dissected:
The repercussions of educational inequalities are far-reaching. Through compelling narratives and hard-hitting insights, we untangle the ways in which unequal access to education continues to shape lives and communities.

🌟 Stories of Empowerment:
Be prepared to be uplifted by the stories shared in this episode. From the impactful work of “Teach for Malaysia” to the wisdom of our influential guest, we celebrate the endeavors that are driving positive change within the education realm.

🤝 A Unified Call:
This episode is more than just discourse—it’s a call to unified action. We’ll delve into practical steps that individuals, communities, and influencers can take to amplify the message of equity in education.

🎧 Embark on this captivating episode of #ITMATTERS as we spotlight “Teach for Malaysia,” an organization dedicated to bridging educational disparities.

Together, we’ll explore the tapestry of education equity and work towards a world where every child’s potential is nurtured and every barrier is dissolved. Because within education, #EquityMatters.

Tune in now on EmerceTV and become an advocate for change. Let’s build a future where every child’s educational journey is marked by possibility and equality. 📚🌎